CV Axle Problems and its indicators

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Are you someone who drives to work? Perhaps you cannot go to work without a car? Cars are very important especially to people who have demanding jobs when it comes to travel and meeting clients. If ever you are someone who cannot work effectively without a car convenience then you should probably check out these possible indicators when it comes to your car’s CV axles so that you can be safe while driving 

Wait, let me first tell you the overview of how axles and half shafts work.  

Half shafts are drive axles which have the roles of connecting your wheel to other parts in order to have a smoother ride when you encounter bumps on the road and when you are trying to turn your car around. These parts of your car must be lubricated at all times to function in its optimum. These parts also have a protective layer that is made of rubber which has grease in it to make sure your half shafts are lubricated at all times. 

Now, let’s go to the problem indicators that your half shafts or CV axles have. 

  1. Ripped Boots: The boots or rubber are the ones that are filled with grease that have the role of making sure the CV joints of your car are protected that’s why an indicator of a joint or CV axle that is going to fail is through a rubber or boot that is ripped. Without proper grease filled boots you are sure your car’s CV axle is going to have a problem sooner or later. Thus, always check on the boots of your car’s CV joints and make sure these boots or rubbers are not ripped in any way. 
  1. Clicking Noise: Noises are always present in a car or vehicle however when it comes to a CV axle’s problem it always gives a noise that is very distinctive in comparison to other noises your car is making. The loud noise that your CV axle is producing is only present when you are turning your car. This noise that sounds like clicking is due to a loose CV axle or a CV axle that has been worn out. However, it is not always wise to wait until you hear a noise coming from your car because besides added cost when it comes to repair or replacement, it almost always leads to a problem on the road. 
  1. Problem on the Road: Ignoring indicators of CV axle problems leads to problems on the road. The problems related to CV axles only gets worse as you use your car more and more when you’re not paying attention. The CV joints in your car are very detailed and requires a professional’s eye and expertise to solve a part of it. A tip for you is to opt for replacing your axle entirely because due to the intricacy of a CV joint, it usually costs more to repair a part of it rather than replacing the whole CV joint of your car. 

If ever you have any bad CV axle symptoms, never hesitate to connect with kingdom powersports for support and help! 

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