Secure Your Pets from Electrical Hazards

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If we have pets, among the major hazards we can experience in our homes would be electricity. Similar to our kids, our pets do not know the possible dangers of electrical appliances, outlets, and cables all over our homes. Naturally, pets are curious creatures and they may start chewing or playing on our electrical equipment that can possibly result in fire hazard or shock, leading to death or injury. If you want to protect your pets from the dangers that electrical equipment pose, here are the following things you can do: 

Make an area with no electricity 

You can make your home pet-proof by making an electricity-free space. Get rid of all power cords and outlets where you can leave your pet unsupervised. This dedication area without access to outlets or cords is the safest way to avoid an electrical danger to your furry friends.  

Pay attention to the water 

Electricity and water are hazardous combinations. Hence, you have to be careful about leaving electrical devices like how laundry area, bathtubs, irons close to the sinks, and heaters are regularly utilized. Be very cautious when you get an aquarium in your home. Your pets may be excited by the fish. Hence, guarantee that you have secured wiring so that it will never be wet.  

Purchase quality equipment 

Purchasing high-quality extension cords, cords, or just anything that relates to electronics can help avoid your pets from electrical hazards. Perhaps it may be a bit costly, however, cheaper cords usually get easily damaged and frayed, causing it to overheat or make sparks. Moreover, you can purchase cords with a bitter agent in the material to help your pets be discouraged about chewing them.  

Never leave all your electrical equipment unattended 

Heaters, fans, and lams are some of the things we usually fail to switch off. However, when you leave your home while these are switched on, you are posing a possible danger for your pet and even your home. Such things can simply fall, when your pet’s running in your home, risking the chances of fire particularly if you, as an owner, aren’t around. Moreover, your heating equipment should never be left unattended. After using your curling iron and hair straightener, make sure to cool them down right away. Your pet could be enticed to the warmth and try to snuggle upon it. Make sure to keep them far from your pets always.  

Keep the electrical cables out of sight 

Electrical cords can possibly be the most dangerous equipment to our pets and it’s something that they tend to play with their paws or even chew. When you cannot hide them behind furniture, make sure to make them pet-proof with plastic tubing or piping. Moreover, you can discourage them to chew coating cables by applying an unpleasant or bitter substance to it like hot sauce, vinegar, or lemon juice. 

In the event, you want to make your home pet-proof, consider the quality Galway electrical services and you will enjoy the outcome of the services. 

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